Top 5 Tips to Ensure Your Home’s Viewing Is a Success

The purpose of showing viewers around your home is to hook a potential buyer. During the viewing, you’ll have one chance to have your home make a first impression on potential buyers and you want to make it count. 

Create the ‘Wow Factor’ to make an incredible first impression.

Kerb appeal can make or break the odds of someone even bothering to venture out of the car to view your property, so do ensure that your viewing preparation includes the exterior of your home. If potential buyers arrive at your property to be met with an overgrown lawn that obviously needs mowing, alongside an unkempt flower bed or overgrown hedging, they’re going to wonder what else hasn’t been cared for properly. It’s essential that the outside of your home looks spotless. Clean any framing, the windows, and the doors. Make sure there are no dirt smudges, no cobwebs and that anything that needs painting has been freshened up.

Secondly, ‘take yourself out of the house’.

In other words, store away each of the personal items which inevitably prevent your home from resonating personally with the viewers. Remove the family photos from the wall or tables; place shoes, clothes and other personal items in appropriate storage, out of sight. It is crucial that you prime and present the home to appear neutral so that potential buyers can view your house and picture themselves living there.

Next, commit to paring down all the extra clutter which is visible at first glance. 

Everything on display should be as neutral as possible in terms of personal items. If you look around, it’ll amaze you at how much ‘stuff’ you’ve accumulated over the years. Some of these items may very well be important, but that doesn’t mean that your potential buyers wish to see them. When you have a lot of clutter, it shrinks the living space of the house, making it look and feel cramped and smaller.

Fourth on the list is pet patrol.

Love them or hate them, if you have a pet, no one who walks through your house should be able to notice that he/she exists. This means no cat litter box, no dog to jump on anyone, no pet food sitting around in a dish. Eliminating pet odours from your home is essential, but often overlooked: having a clean house that’s odour free is a big selling point. You don’t want to lose a possible offer just because the potential buyer can smell your pet’s lingering scent, or because your pet makes a bad impression.

Finally, invest in the process of staging your home.

Stage your living areas in a way that shows off your home, using online platforms such as Pinterest or Instagram to help with inspiration. It is possible to rent furniture and soft furnishings at a relatively cost-effective price to enhance your home if you don’t wish to invest in such items for the longer term. Enlisting the expertise of a professional trained in staging homes knows how to enhance the best features of your home and will be adept at understanding what furnishings to bring in or eliminate to make your entire property appeal to a buyer.

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